Getting fucked from behind and from the mouth

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Be honest with yourself


Are you a Learning Cuckold?

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Boys will be boys

I want to be a gurllll




Cute. But you know a silly white man made this because he expects black men to pay for young white pussy. Man, I can’t go outside without nearly tripping over young white pussy ready to give it up for black dick. Why the fuck would I pay good money for what I get for free?

Brothas don’t pay for white pussy. White pussy usually pays us. I am NOT one of those types of guys, but I have known numerous black men who get white girls to pay for damn near everything….up to and including cars and rent…right down to their last dime. 
My girl doesn’t give me money…she gives me her freedom, her rights, and her body all day every day and any day.
If you want to know why, eavesdrop on their bedrooms at night…though you could probably hear the answer for a good couple blocks away when that black dick splits that white pussy.

And rest assured, he ain’t payin’ for it.

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Reminds me of my GF.

Reminds me of my GF.

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